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2 Responses to Contact Mar

  1. Seana Wilkerson says:

    Hello Mar,
    My name is Seana and I am an american, insanely passionate about human rights. The more I learn, the more I understand and agree that corporations hold a pivotal role in human rights protection around the globe. Especially in the developing world, businesses have tremendous influence over governments (along with dozens of other factors, im over simplifying). International corporation social responsibility, supply chain transparency, and customer accountability are really on the rise. Its an exciting opportunistic point in history to really foster a human rights policy and culture in the business sectors. But for Americans I think it is really just on the edge of peoples minds and the concept hasn’t hit home yet that their purchasing power is just as important as their democratic vote. I would love to contribute to local awareness and encourage consumers to buy responsibly. How do you uncover information about local stores and where their products come from to know what to buy and what to spread the word against?

  2. ProjectCSR says:

    Thank you for your comments, Seana. I agree with you that as customers we have incredible purchasing power and we can make a powerful impact by purchasing wisely. And in today’s global context, it can be extremely difficult for local store owners to know where the content of their goods are sourced and if they were sourced ethically. For that reason, California passed the Transparency in Supply Chain Act, to force large companies to disclose information about their suppliers. My understanding is that we are slowly moving toward the sort of transparency that you’re looking for, so that we as consumers can make wise choices. There’s a book called The Rough Guide to Shopping with a Conscience by Duncan Clark and Richie Unterberg that may be of help. In addition, you might be interested in getting involved in some organizations in your area that are advocating for human rights. Here in Seattle, we have groups like Washington Fair Trade Coalition, NBIS, and Net Impact that are working to raise awareness and encourage businesses to act responsibly. Please share any good resources that you’ve found!

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