About Dr. Mar Smith

When Mar Smith began her career in Malaysia in 1995, she witnessed first-hand the power of corporations to bring about positive social change. The Malaysian Miracle—the rapid shift from impoverishment to economic development that took place through strategic investments in education and industry—brought about new rights for women and minorities, fostered religious tolerance, and enabled once-impoverished persons to build secure futures for themselves and their children. This experience convinced Mar of the pivotal role that corporations can play in creating sustainable economic development and in promoting human rights.

As a researcher, communicator, and manager, Dr. Smith seeks to provide tools for individuals, organizations, and businesses to recognize and to strengthen their social and economic value. Since completing a PhD at the University of St. Andrews in 2003, she has published academic articles and popular essays on complex ethical subjects such as human rights, HIV/AIDS, and women’s issues. She has a forthcoming book that examines Theories of Justice. In addition, she is an engaging teacher and cross-cultural communicator with over ten years of experience educating adult learners. Finally, Mar is a competent, efficient, and relational manager of people and projects.

Mar started this blog to provide you with resources, strategies, and best practices for promoting corporate social responsibility, with special emphasis on building economic value and promoting human rights. Her hope is to build a community of friends and colleagues who share her commitment to the triple bottom line: profit, people, and planet.

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